EL601 Red Insulating Varnish

Sprayon EL601 Red Insulating Varnish is an insulating spray for general coating, impregnating and insulating electrical and electronic work. Excellent adhesion to metals including windings and coils. Air dries faster than most insulating materials. Protects surface against oils, moisture, acid, and alkalis. Perfect for small field and magnet coils as it penetrates oil and new windings and has excellent flexibility and water resistance.


Motor windings, sealing electrical & electronic components, switchboards, commutator ends, field coils, transformers, armatures, stator windings, rings and frames, and bus bars.


  • Air dries in 10 minutes or less
  • Meets Class F requirements
  • Resists oil, moisture, acids and alkalis

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Product # SizeProduct TypeCPICEDSPDSSDS
SC0601000 15.25 ozAerosol
S60110000 1 galBulk - 1 gal

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