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    • The Sprayon® 5S System

      the next "s" is sprayon

      Employed by the best industrial facilities worldwide, 5S ensures that there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. At Sprayon®, we've integrated 5S into the use of our lubricants & chemicals with the development of the Sprayon 5S System. The Sprayon 5S System connects our Product Labels with point-of-use Visual Management Tools to help any facility implement or sustain 5S methodology in the use of our chemicals and lubricants. Scroll down to learn more about the Sprayon 5S System and why Sprayon has become The 6th S.

      And when you're ready take your 5S efforts to the next level, give us a call (800-SPRAYON) or click to send us a note for a consultation.

    • The Sprayon® 5S System Product Label

      The Sprayon® 5S System Product Label approach is based on the simple notion that the most important thing for any Industrial or MRO product label is clearly telling the person who will actually be USING the product what the product is, what it does and where it can & can’t be used. Not only does this improve the efficiency and productivity of the workforce but, perhaps more importantly, it helps reduce the chance that the product will be used in the wrong application. And as we all know, using the wrong product on a piece of equipment may reduce its efficiency and could potentially harm the equipment and/or the user.

      The Sprayon 5S System Product Label approach features four (4) simple characteristics: 1) Color Coded Product Categories, 2) Clear & Consice Product Descriptions, 3) Iconography & Pictographs, 4) Sprayon® Mobile Source.

    • The Sprayon® 5S System Visual Management Point-of-Use Tools

      Even with our Sprayon® 5S System Product Label, we felt there was more we could do to help today's maintenance professional ensure our products were used in the right applications (and reduce the chance that they would be used in the wrong applications). We took the tenets of 5S Visual Management to heart and have developed a set of Point-of-Use Visual Management Tools including Product I.D. Tags and Magnetic Can Holders that are visually connected with our Product Labels to extend the clarity of use to the shop floor. These tools help reinforce the clarity, consistency and standardization that is the heart of any 5S implementation.

    • Why Srayon® Video Series: The Sprayon 5S System

      The Sprayon® 5S System Overview - 2009

      Learn about the Sprayon® 5S System which improves the productivity and safety of your entire operation by clearly communicating what products are to be used for each application. By connecting our Package Labeling with unique Point-of-Use Visual Management Tools we can help your operation implement and extend your 5S efforts to the plant floor in the use of our lubricants and chemicals.