The Sprayon® Liqui-Sol™ Non-Aerosol Spray program was developed to reduce storage and disposal costs while increasing the safety of your operation. Featuring 22 proven, high-performance formulas to cover most MRO maintenance needs, the program is centered around a unique, durable aluminum, spill-proof packaging solution which provides the application flexibility of an aerosol but uses no flammable propellants. Each formula is then also available in bulk (1 gallon and/or 5 gallon) making the program re-usable & 100% recyclable.

Scroll down to learn more about the Sprayon Liqui-Sol Non-Aerosol Spray Program including all the available formulas. And if you have any further questions or would like an in-person demo, give us a call (800-SPRAYON) or click to send us a note.



At Sprayon®, we specialize in the development of industrial lubricant and chemical formulations for delivery & application via aerosol technology. Aerosols provide many benefits to today’s maintenance professional:

  • Easy to use and quick to apply
  • Deliver precise amounts of product to an exact area, eliminating waste
  • Allow for precise application (especially when used with an extension tube) in difficult to reach areas
  • Long-range aerosol dispensers protect the user from being too close to potentially dangerous application points (see Sprayon SP857 Wasp & Hornet Killer with up to 30 ft. spray distance
  • Long thought to be a threat to the environment, the eradication of all CFCs and the fact that aerosols containers are actually fully recyclable means that they are much more friendly to Mother Nature than previously thought
  • Aerosol products are hermetically sealed (no air gets in and no air gets out) which improves shelf life and also makes aerosols spill-proof
  • Of course, we also understand that the flammable propellants used in aerosols can be relatively unsafe for storage and application. Additionally, we also know that the proper disposal of aerosols can become an expensive proposition (some estimates indicate that the solid waste disposal cost of unpunctured aerosol cans can be as high $650 to $1,200 per 96 cans).

With the Sprayon® Liqui-Sol™ Non-Aerosol Spray Program, you can get many of the application and delivery benefits of aerosols while also reducing the costs and safety concerns associated with their storage, application, and disposal. The durable aluminum spill-proof containers feature a spray nozzle which uses no flammable propellants. These containers are refillable with our bulk formulations, making this program is 100% re-usable and recyclable. And with its integration with the Sprayon® 5S System, the Sprayon® Liqui-Sol™ Non-Aerosol Spray Program will help maximize the productivity & safety of your entire operation.


The entire Sprayon® Liqui-Sol™ Non-Aerosol Spray Program is also NSF® Certified, as acceptable for use in food processing facilities. Please click the link below to see a list of all the NSF® Ratings and the Sprayon products available with each rating.

NSF Ratings & Descriptions