CD1202 Industrial Cleaner & Degreaser

Sprayon® CD1202 Industrial Cleaner & Degreaser is a non-ionic cleaner and degreaser containing corrosion inhibitors, grease cutting materials, and water softening agents for outstanding soil removal and exceptional hard water stability. The wetting and penetrating properties of this buffered cleaner enhance the removal of difficult soils.


Resilient tile, terrazzo, marble, ceramic tile, slate, cement, leather, plastic, upholstery, painted walls, wood work, dumpsters.


  • Removes heavy grease and soils
  • Effective for use in pressure washers and steamers

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Product # SizeProduct TypeEDSSDS
S012020401 1 galBulk - 1 gal
S012020005 5 galBulk - 5 gal
S012020055 55 galBulk - 55 gal

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