EL600 Clear Insulating Varnish

Sprayon EL600 Clear Insulating Varnish is a fast-drying, clear insulating enamel, characterized by outstanding oil, chemical, and abrasion resistance. This enamel provides a smooth, glossy surface which sheds dirt readily. Due to the dielectric strength of this material, it may also be used for treating windings and mechanical components, used as an oil proof finish for field coils and stator windings and the inside walls of control boxes. This varnish has excellent flexibility and water resistance.


Motor windings, sealing electrical & electronic components, switchboards, commutator ends, field coils, transformers, armatures, stator windings, rings and frames, and bus bars.


  • Air dries in 10 minutes or less
  • Meets Class F requirements
  • Resists oil, moisture, acids and alkalis

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Product # SizeProduct TypeEDSPDSSDS
SC0600000 15.25 ozAerosol

Additional information

Size15.25 oz

Surface must be free of grease, dirt, and oil. Sprayon’s S00848, Flash Free® Safety Solvent & Degreaser is recommended. Use in a well ventilated area. Shake can until ball rattles for 1 minute. Hold container upright 6-8” from the surface. Do not apply in continuous spray. To avoid runs, apply several thins coats allowing paint film to become tacky between coats. For best results, use at room temperature (70°F-90°F). After spraying, turn can upside down and spray until clear propellant comes out.