Electrical Degreasers Chart

Electrical Degreasers Chart
Description Subcategory Type Chlorinated Dielectric Stength* Plastic Safe Flammable Kb Solvency Value** VOC % by Wt / as Packaged NSF Rating
EL703 Electric Motor Degreaser Electrical Degreaser PERC Yes 39500 No No 92 0% K2
EL749 Electrical Degreaser Electrical Degreaser Solvent No 16,800 No Yes 85 45% K2
EL2020 Plastics Safe Contact Cleaner Electronic Precision Contact Cleaners HFE w/o Alcohol No 19,000 Yes No 56 5% K2
EL2206 Electro WizardTM  Electronic Contact Cleaner Electronic Precision Contact Cleaners Proprietary Blend No 12,500 Yes No 11.4 1.5% K2
EL2302 Electronic Contact Cleaner Electronic Precision Contact Cleaners Alcohol Solvent Blend No N/D Yes Yes 34 75% K2
EL2001 Electronic Contact Cleaner & Protectant Energized Equipment Degreasers Chlorinated w/ Silicone Yes 36,700 Yes No 129 Exempt K2
EL2846 Non-Chlorinated Electrical Degreaser Energized Equipment Degreasers NPB No 15,000 Yes No 129 Exempt K2
EL848 Flash Free©  Electrical Degreaser Energized Equipment Degreasers TCE Yes 37,000 Yes No 129 Exempt K2

*Dielectric Strength is the maximum electric field that a material can withstand without breaking down, at which time it would strike an arc. Measured in kilovolts (KV). It important to consider when spraying on live circuits.

Plastic Safe: Test on non-essential piece before using

**Heavy soils and grease on non-sensitive equipment require a degreaser with a higher solvency for ultimate cleaning power. Solvency is measured by Kb value. The higher the number value, the stronger the dissolving power of the cleaner. Degreasers usually have a higher Kb value than Electronic Precision Contact Cleaners.