CD1275 Ready to Use Heavy-Duty Degreaser

Sprayon® CD1275 Ready to Use Heavy Duty Degreaser can be used in any no-rinse and wipe operation. Efficiently removes solvent marker stains, ball point pen ink, soap scum, smoke and carbon films, food stains and residue, marks and other difficult to remove greasy soils.


Most washable surfaces including floors, walls, stainless steel, fiberglass, chrome, porcelain, plastic, laminate, vinyl enamel.


  • Pleasantly lemon scented
  • Removes many difficult and persistent stains, dirt, & grime

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Product # SizeProduct TypeEDSSDS
S1275T1232 32 ozLiqui-Sol™ Trigger Spray
S012750401 1 galBulk - 1 gal
S012750005 5 galBulk - 5 gal
S012750055 55 galBulk - 55 gal

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