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SP 702


  • Removes Dirt, Grease and Varnish
  • Contains D-Limonene
  • High Delivery Valve

Icon 1 - pH 7.0

pH 7.0

Icon 2 - D-Limonene Base

D-Limonene Base

Icon 3 - Spray Anyway Valve

Spray Anyway Valve

Icon 4 - HFR Rating - 2,2,0

HFR Rating - 2,2,0

SP™ 702 Available Containers
  • 12 oz Aerosol

Sprayon® SP™ 702 Engine Degreaser was specially formulated to clean all mechanical engines, machinery and tools. This biodegradable formula will remove dirt, grease and varnish deposits by simply spraying on and flushing the surface with water. When flushed with water it emulsifies so that the contaminants are carried away, leaving the surface clean. The high velocity valve delivers the cleaning agent to intricate mechanical parts.