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Sprayon’s welding products are carefully formulated to meet more specialized maintenance needs. They must perform at a high level. They include a complete line of high-quality, high performing Zinc rich coatings and anti-spatters for construction, maintenance and production welding.

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Sprayon® WL™ 541 Dry Weld Spatter Protectant is a powder formula that dries to a white film. Prevents spatter from sticking to me... more...
Sprayon® WL™ 542 Wet Weld Spatter Protectant is a liquid anti-spatter that keeps welding tips & nozzles clean and prevents weld s... more...
Sprayon® WL™ 738 Stainless Steel Coating is formulated with 100% type 316L stainless steel pigment for maximum corrosion resistan... more...
Sprayon® WL™ 739 Silver Galvanizing Compound is a sacrificial coating that inhibits rust and corrosion to ferrous metals. An exc... more...
Sprayon® WL™ 740 Zinc Rich Galvanizing Compound is a high performance primer containing 97% pure zinc dust pigment blended with e... more...
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