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Electrical & Electronic

One of the largest and most experienced manufacturers of tested and approved electronic maintenance cleaners. Our extensive line includes plastic safe contact cleaners for your most sensitive applications and degreasers for thorough cleaning of the heaviest industrial soils. Sprayon electrical and electronic cleaners and degreasers are non-ozone depleting and VOC compliant everywhere. Use with confidence for a variety of applications.

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Sprayon® EL™ 600 Clear Insulating Varnish is a fast-drying, clear insulating enamel, characterized by outstanding oil and chemica... more...
Sprayon® EL™ 601 Red Insulating Varnish is an insulating spray for general coating, impregnating and insulating electrical and el... more...
Sprayon® EL™ 609 Green Epoxy Insulating Varnish creates an extra hard, tough surface that is oil-resistant and waterproof. Additi... more...
Sprayon® EL™ 703 Electric Motor Degreaser & Safety Solvent instantly penetrates and removes dirt, oil, grease, wax and moisture f... more...
Sprayon® Liqui-Sol™ EL™ 749 Electrical Degreaser is your option for safety, storage and disposal. Preserve, Prevent and Pro... more...
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