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LU 620


  • Meets Mil-PRF-907F
  • Prevents Seizure, Galling, Fusion
  • Prevents Corrosion

Icon 1 - Lube - High Pressure

Lube - High Pressure

Icon 2 - Nickel, Copper and Aluminim Alloy

Nickel, Copper and Aluminim Alloy

Icon 3 - Temp Range 0 ° To 2200 °F (-18 ° To 1204 °C)

Temp Range 0 ° To 2200 °F (-18 ° To 1204 °C)

Icon 4 - HFR Rating - 2,4,0

HFR Rating - 2,4,0

LU™ 620 Available Containers
  • 11.25 oz Aerosol

Sprayon® LU™ 620 Anti-Seize Compound is a combination of finely powdered metals that serve to protect against corrosion, seizure, galling, rust carbon fusion and galvanic pitting. This homogenized semi-synthetic lubricating grease will not melt and run out after application. Does not contain clay or soap base thickeners. Designed for preventative maintenance in marine, metal working, automotive, oil field, construction, mining, farm equipment and waste water and sewage. It also helps to reduce friction of metal surfaces.