CD1219 Water-Based Citrus Degreaser

Sprayon® CD1219 Water-Based Citrus Degreaser is a water dilutable product suitable for removing grease, soap films, ink, adhesives, oil, tar, or tar stains. It is safe to use on hard surfaces such as metal, vinyl, formica, fiberglass, finished wood, porcelain, and painted surfaces.


Machinery, sinks, toilets, dumpsters, lockers, disposal, garbage disposals, tubs, showers, exhaust fans, tools, chrome fixtures, painted wall, carpets, and upholstery.


  • Water-based d'Limonene cleaner and degreaser
  • Powerful cleaning with a pleasant orange fragrance
  • Contains no caustics, acids or harsh chemicals

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Product # SizeProduct TypeEDSSDS
SC1219TL0 32 ozLiqui-Sol™ Trigger Spray
SC1219010 1 galBulk - 1 gal

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