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    • SP615 - Heavy Duty Paint Remover (with Methylene Chloride) - Aerosol

      Heavy Duty Paint Remover (with Methylene Chloride) - Aerosol

      Sprayon® SP615 Heavy Duty Paint Remover Aerosol is a fast-acting remover that cuts through all paint finishes. It also removes urethanes, varnish and shellac. Its catalyst action penetrates through gasket cements, decals, sealants, adhesives, tape residue and carbon deposits. Formulation contains Methylene Chloride.

    • SP615 - Heavy Duty Paint Remover (with Methylene Chloride) - Aerosol
      Top Features
      based on the 15 oz Aerosol
      C3 Rated
      National Sanitation Foundation (NSF®) Nonfood Compounds Program Listed - C3 Rated
      HMIS Rating
      Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS) Rating: Health - 2, Flammability - 3, Reactivity - 0
      At a Glance
      Metal, stone, wood, brick, glass, ceramic tile, concrete, road signs, trucks, bridges, washroom walls, transportation/construction equipment, and more.
      Safety Materials
      15 oz Aerosol: S00615000
      MSDS | PDS
      425 g Aerosol: C00615000
      MSDS | PDS
      Additional Information
      % VOC = 0.333%
      Base Type = Non-Chlorinated
      Chlorinated = Yes
      Color = White
      Consistency = Liquid
      Contains Methylene Chloride = Yes
      Flammable = Yes
      Flashpoint = <0°F
      Food Grade NSF Rating = C3
      HMIS Rating = 2,3,0
      NSF Rating Registration Number = 115076
      Paint Removers = Yes
      Plastic Safe = No
      Propellant = Hydrocarbon
      Scent = Chlorited
      Specific Gravity = 0.93
      Spray Pattern = Mist Spray
      Vandal Mark Removers = Yes
      Viscosity (Centistokes) = Medium
      Weight / Gallon = 7.74
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