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    • LU204 - Dry Film Graphite Lubricant - Aerosol

      Dry Film Graphite Lubricant - Aerosol

      Sprayon® LU204 Dry Film Graphite Lubricant Aerosol features high lubricity and adheres to most surfaces with minimum surface preparation. The conductive formulation air dries rapidly at room temperature to provide clean, long-wearing lubrication and may be used where lubrication and electrical properties are both required.

      NOW AVAILABLE IN NEW SPRAY-THRU NOZZLE FOR UPSIDE DOWN DELIVERY: A faster & more effective way to reduce preparation time and maintain difficult to reach areas or at or below grade like Railway Switches in the Mass Transit Industry (subways and trains).

    • LU204 - Dry Film Graphite Lubricant - Aerosol
      Top Features
      based on the 10 oz Aerosol
      Load Capacity
      Medium Pressure
      Load Capacity: Medium Pressure
      H2 Rated
      National Sanitation Foundation (NSF®) Nonfood Compounds Program Listed - H1 Rated
      Dielectritic Strength
      Dielectric Strength: Non-Conductive
      Operational Temperature Range
      -40° to 850°F (-40° to 454° C)
      Operational Temperature Range: -40° to 850°F (-40° to 454° C)
      HMIS Rating
      Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS) Rating: Health - 2, Flammability - 4, Reactivity - 0
      At a Glance
      Pre-assembly lubrication of moving parts, gaskets, bearings, locks, springs, hinges, mating surfaces on machines, CRTs, plating nonconductors and curing ovens.
      Additional Container Types
      Safety Materials
      10 oz Aerosol: S00204000
      MSDS | PDS
      283 g Aerosol: C00204000
      MSDS | PDS
      NEW - 13 oz Aerosol - Upside Down Delivery: S00204INV
      MSDS | PDS
      Additional Information
      % VOC = 0.9905%
      Coefficient of Friction = 0.123
      Color = Black
      Consistency = Dry
      Contains P.T.F.E. = No
      Corrosion Inhibitor = Pass
      Dry Lubricant = Yes
      Evaporation Rate = Fast
      Flammable = Yes
      Flashpoint = <0°F
      Food Grade NSF Rating = H2
      Graphite Lubricant = Yes
      HAPS = No
      High Heat Lubricant = Yes
      High Performance Lubricant = Yes
      HMIS Rating = 2,4,0
      Load Capacity = Extreme Pressure
      NSF Rating Registration Number = 131585
      Plastic Safe = No
      Propellant = Hydrocarbon
      SARA 313 = No
      Scent = Mild Solvent
      Specific Gravity = 0.63
      Spray Pattern = Mist Spray
      Temp High = 850°F
      Temp Low = -40°F
      Viscosity (Centistokes) = Low
      Weight / Gallon = 5.23
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